Host Complete

Host Complete mockup.

Design of a desktop web-based lift monitoring interface. This was my Master’s thesis project that I carried out together with Jonathan Boström for the company called Host Mobility. The field of property technology is increasing, allowing optimising, monitoring and maximising efficiency for different parts of the property, but the lifts have fallen behind in the […]


Mockup of the app TaskCollab.

As part of the course Graphical Interfaces, we designed a video conferencing app with a backlog feature. The purpose was to create the UI for a video conferencing app with an additonal main feature. We chose backlog as our main feature since task collaborative apps such as Trello does not have extensive communicating functions. We […]

Smådjurschansen Website Redesign

Mockup of the website redesign of Smådjurschansen.

A personal project where I redesigned the wesbite of Smådjurschansen, involving both UX and UI design. During my Master’s most tasks have focused on UI, but not so much on research and the whole design process. With this project I wanted to make use of my holistic design perspective that I learned from my Bachelor’s […]

The Bright Side

Two people playing The Bright Side.

A two-player game designed to promote movement for kids and childish adults. The project was part of the course “Interaction Design Project” and was done in collaboration with the organization Generation Pep. According to them, only two out of ten kids meet the daily recommendation of physical activity. To change this trend and promote movement […]


Benefic mockup

UI-design of a mobile app where families with children can rent products from each other. Families with children need to buy a lot of stuff but many things are only used for a short period of time. A more sustainable solution could be to simply rent what you need, and also let others rent the […]

Redesign of Maxivent Air Purifier

Rendering of Maxivent EC mounted in the ceiling.

Maxivent Luftrenare is an air purifier made by the company ÅSS Processventilation. It has looked the same since the 90’s when it was released on the market. Maxivent Luftrenare has now been replaced with a newer version called Maxivent EC. Before the release of the new Maxivent EC we had the opportunity to give Maxivent […]

Forever Lamp

A customizable lamp, designed for attachment and sustainable behaviour. This project was done as a part of the course Sustainable development. The task was to choose a cheap lamp that existed on the market, disassemble it, analyze its parts, and its environmental impact. It turned out that the materials did not age very well and […]


The concept Glädje. Glädje has the shape of a half sphere with the flat side facing upwards. It has a ring which lights up in different colours. It has three wooden legs. At the top there are some buttons for recieving a memory, turn on/off, volume, and sync with mobile. Next to Glädje is a smartphone with the Glädje app installed.

An interactive speaker bot that lets users reminisce happy moments from their past. It was an individual project that was part of the course Designing User Experiences and the task was to design anything that involved either Speculative, Spatio-temporal, Embodiment or both. My focus was mainly on Spatio-temporal design but also Speculative design. The design […]

Bowling Ball Return Wagon

Designed concept of the bowling ball return wagon.

After bowling, the bowling balls are often left behind at the return and needs to be put back in the shelves. The employees carry the bowling balls by hand which can be very repeating and exhausting. We designed a product where the front part can be separated and function as a wagon. The product helps […]

Desktop Interface for Resource Booking

Design of a graphical user interface for a resource booking application, making it easy for students and teachers to book rooms and equipment at chalmers. This was an individual project that was part of the course Graphical interfaces. The initial instructions said that students and teachers should be able to book rooms (such as lecture […]